Fx 5000, Odense

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    Beskrivelse Postnummer Opdateret Pris (kr.) Favorit
    SONY F-VX30 dynamisk Mikrofon
    I dag 250,-
    Alen & Health Mixer
    I dag 2.000,-
    Klarinet eller fløjtestander
    I dag 40,-
    Mikrofon SHURE BG 3.1
    I går 500,-
    Laney LA20C
    I dag 445,-
    Guitartop, VOX AC30CCH, 30 W
    I dag 3.500,-
    Marshall JCM900 Model 4100 100W.
    I dag 3.750,-
    VOX AC30 Vintage, 30 W
    I dag 9.996,-
    Guitar pakke med forstærker.
    I dag 999,-
    Marshall JCM800 + 1960B kab.
    I dag 9.996,-
    Marshall SLP1959 Super Lead, 100 W
    I dag 11.000,-
    Guitartop Epiphone Valve Junior Head 5W
    I dag 998,-
    Marshall Plexi Super Lead Mk.II, 100 W
    I dag 8.500,-
    Guitartop, Marshall JCM800 2203, 100 W
    I dag 6.998,-
    Guitarkabinet, Framus FR 112 CB, 100 W
    I dag 1.249,-
    Guitarcombo, H&H Studio 60, 60 W
    I dag 600,-
    Yamaha GA15 El-guitar forstærker 19 watt
    I dag 120,-
    Line 6 Amplifi TT med shortboard
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    Line 6 Amplifi TT med shortboard, Line 6 AMPLIFi TT Desktop Guitar Effects Processor Features: Ny pris 1875.- An all-in-one guitar and multi-effects desktop processor and Bluetooth audio player Line 6 AMPLIFi TT Guitar Effects Processor FBV Shortboard MKII Pedal. Ny pris 1298.- Line6 FBV Shortboard MkII: Foot controller from FBV series that is compatible with a wide variety of Line 6 products including the Spider amps, AMPLIFi, POD and Vetta products and many more. It is a full-on hands-free remote control that delivers out-of-the box, plug-n-play connectivity. When paired with Line 6 guitar amplifiers, the 13 steel footswitches can activate many on-board amp effects including Quick Loop, Pitch Glide and Smart Harmony, and provide up to 128 user-created presets. The burly, full-sized volume/wah pedal feels solid under the foot and features plenty of grip. Clicking the toe-switch toggles between volume and wah control (with an illuminated LED to match). Oversized and backlit, the LCD is big, bright and easy to read. It displays the active preset name and number, and the chromatic tuner (when activated). The controller comes with the free and downloadable FBV Control software. The application shows user a graphical representation of the controller and allows him to customize the midi commands sent via USB. Each FBV control can be assigned a MIDI CC, a bank change, a program change, and commands can be transported to drive many popular audio applications. The device is self-powered via included locking RJ-45 cable.
    I dag 1.250,-
    I dag 1.500,-
    sE2200a llc mikrofon, lydkort mm
    I dag 2.000,-
    Alessis Multimix 8
    I dag 1,-
    Roland  Blues cube hot forstærker guitar
    I dag 2.500,-
    PA-system, delar
    I dag 8.000,-
    Line6 spider jam 75w
    I dag 1.700,-
    JBSYSTEM mixer
    I dag 700,-
    Tc Helicon harmoni singer 2
    I dag 1.000,-
    Altid stået inde på værelset
    I dag 280,-
    Digitech Vokalist Access
    I dag 1.000,-
    USB ladekabel for nodelampe
    I dag 25,-
    LED nodelampe
    I dag 100,-
    Proel guitar taske ny og ubrugt
    I dag 200,-
    Hughes & Kettner guitarkabinet
    I går 500,-
    I går 1.000,-
    Boss pedaler
    I går 250,-
    Randall RG75 G3 plus
    I går 1.500,-
    1 stk. Tube MP
    I går 200,-
    Boss XT-2
    I går 400,-
    Famous Songs of Israel.
    I går 25,-
    Carvin 100 W forstærker sælges
    I går 800,-
    Musiker/kontor stol
    I går 700,-
    Roland CUBE-30
    I går 1.500,-
    marshall bascombo
    I går 2.000,-
    Købes Helicon Voicelive 3 I går 3.200,-
    Line 6 - Spider III - 120 watt
    I går 1.500,-
    Line 6 - Spider II - 75 watt
    I går 1.000,-
    I går 700,-
    MaxWatt Spitfire
    I går 200,-
    Fender Cyber Twin
    I går 4.500,-
    Mikrofonstativ Custom-2 Dark Magic
    I går 1.000,-
    Shure Beta57A
    I går 750,-
    Guitartaske sort
    I går 200,-
    Guitartaske brun
    I går 100,-
    KM nodestativ
    I går 250,-
    Guitar softbag
    d. 20.11 100,-
    JBL Ti600
    d. 20.11 700,-
    XLR-Phono kabel
    d. 20.11 30,-
    Avalon U5
    d. 20.11 2.999,-
    H+H V-S Mucisian 212 Combo
    d. 20.11 500,-
    Peavey PA 400
    d. 20.11 999,-
    Marshall jcm 900
    d. 20.11 2.500,-