Fx 5000, Odense

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    Peugeot speedake sjovt legetøj
    I dag 1,-
    Viva City 45 fra 2010 fuld lovlig
    I dag 3.999,-
    I dag 350,-
    I dag 30,-
    I dag Sælges
    Peugeot Vivacity
    I dag 9.900,-
    peugeot ludix eu 30 lav kmtal
    I går 3.600,-
    I går 3.000,-
    Peugeot Elyseo
    I går 4.800,-
    Peugeot Kisbee
    I går 9.999,-
    Peugeot Kisbee
    I går 9.999,-
    Peugeot Speedfight 4
    I går 14.999,-
    Peugeot Kisbee RS
    I går 10.999,-
    Peugeot Speedfight 4
    I går 14.999,-
    Peugeot Speedfight 4
    I går 14.999,-
    Tkr furious 30 km/t
    I går 4.990,-
    peugeot speedfight
    d. 21.09 4.000,-
    Scooter / 30er knallert d. 21.09 6.000,-
    Speedfighter 2
    d. 21.09 3.500,-
    Peugeot speedfight 30
    d. 21.09 1.800,-
    har en peuoeg spedake til reservedele d. 21.09 100,-
    Scooter dele d. 20.09 Sælges
    Peugeot Ludix Pro 2010
    d. 20.09 1.500,-
    Speed Figth 2wrc 307
    d. 20.09 2.000,-
    Peugeot Speedfight 4 d. 20.09 14.995,-
    Peugeot Tweet d. 20.09 13.495,-
    peugeot speedfight
    d. 19.09 4.600,-
    Peugeot Ludix Snake
    d. 19.09 3.990,-
    Peugeot speedfight
    d. 19.09 2.000,-
    Peugeot Speedake
    d. 19.09 5,-
    Peugeot Jetforce, årg. 2010, 3001 km
    d. 19.09 7.500,-
    Peugeot Elystar 50, 2007, 14824km.
    d. 17.09 4.900,-
    Peugeot scooter speedfighter
    d. 17.09 3.000,-
    Peugeot Vivacity
    d. 17.09 3.900,-
    peugeot speedfight
    d. 17.09 1.000,-
    Speedfight 4 Iceblad
    d. 17.09 16.999,-
    Speedfight 4 AC, 4T
    d. 17.09 14.999,-
    d. 16.09 3.000,-
    Ny Pris
    d. 15.09 5.200,-
    Peugeot Tweet
    d. 15.09 12.499,-
    Peugeot Kisbee
    d. 15.09 9.999,-
    Peugeot Speedfight 4 Darkside
    d. 15.09 16.999,-
    Peugeot Speedfight 4
    d. 15.09 14.999,-
    boxy , squab . andre peugeot
    d. 13.09 200,-
    Peugeot buxy d. 13.09 1.000,-
    Ellystar knallert 45
    d. 12.09 4.900,-
    d. 11.09 2.000,-
    Peugeot Speedfight
    d. 11.09 3.600,-
    Peugeot Speedfight 1
    d. 10.09 1.200,-
    Scooter 45
    d. 09.09 1.000,-
    d. 08.09 250,-
    Speedfight 2 - II
    d. 08.09 5.999,-
    Peugeot Django Heritage
    d. 06.09 12.900,-
    Peugeot Speedake Lygter
    d. 05.09 300,-
    baghjul d. 02.09 1,-
    Viva City
    d. 31.08 3.500,-
    Scooter Peugeot Speedfight AC 1999
    Scooter Peugeot Speedfight AC 1999, Time to leave DK, so I'm selling my reliable and loved scooter. Main features are: All original and well kept; Original panels in supreme quality for the age of the scooter; it has never fallen or hit anything. Kept in a garage; Very little signs of ware or rust; Tires are in good shape and do not need to be replaced; Brakes work as new, and they work sharply; Suspension is working as expected; There are no annoying noises or squeaks or rattles of any king; The last owner has installed a new cylinder head, and I have installed a new exhaust because the old one was rusty; It has a fairly new gel battery; I have also installed a new stator, because the other got damaged; I have installed new piston rings in July, just for maintenance and the tolerances are quite tight, which insures a very good compression in the cylinder, and can be proven just by kicking the starter pedal; I have designed a special home made leg cover, for the rain and cold, and works brilliantly, as you can arrive to your destination fully dryed, no matter what rain you will encounter; comes in and out in seconds, using the velcro; It has a very practical locker, that comes out from under the seat and allows you to either lock it to a polle or as on the pic, to itself; this takes 15 segs to do and saves you a lot of hassle of having to deal with a normal chain lock; It also provides a very reassuring peace due to the relatively frequent steel of scooters around aarhus; It fits a helmet under the seat, and another on the back; It's a fine scooter, despite the years. Simple mechanics and good for people who don't want to spend money on an expensive new scooter, but still don't want to buy any piece of crap falling apart; it will hold its value very well; I've used it day in and day out, mostly on winter, and usually I spend 50 kr every two weeks for gas. I have also driven it with another person (me and my 1.90m friend), together with two bags, up the hill and holds very well.
    d. 30.08 5.000,-
    Stabil 45 scooter
    d. 30.08 1.500,-
    Speefight 2
    d. 29.08 4.999,-
    d. 29.08 1,-