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    New Beachcruiser special classic cykel
    New Beachcruiser special classic cykel, 26 ", 1 gear, årg. 2017, Hi guys, My name is Yannick, I'm a 23 year old student from Flensburg, who currently studies MMA @ SDU in Odense. Since 2014 me and my bother restore and customize old bicycles as a hobby and we're very passionate about it. During the last years we had some difficulties selling our bikes in Germany so now we're trying it this way. This year’s bike is called ''Elegance''. We took an old american beachcruiser, ripped it apparat, sandblasted and powder-coated the old frame in a modern and stylish blue-green and built it up from scratch. All parts are placed in professionally, to last forever and are of high pretty quality. No need to say that all parts are brand new (except for the frame). Listed below are just some of the special features our bike has: - Extra wide tires with 140 spokes each in chrome-look - Brooks B33 Seat - 81 cm handlebar welded to steering linkage w. black leather handles - Mudguards with fender skirts front and back in chrome look - Twisted pedals in chrome look Please note - this is rather not a long-distance bike. I mean, I know you Danes love to go everywhere by bike and theoretically you could with this one as well as it rounds brilliantly smooth. But as it has only one gear, it is pretty much a city bike, a touring bike, a bike to cruise along the beach or around the block. It's a bike to show off, to have neighbours stare at it or to have it parked in your apartment or in your store. Now that we have finished our project we would like to sell it to someone who appreciates our work and can find joy in driving it or even look at it. This bike is 100% unique, you won't find anything like it. If you're sincerely interested I'm more than happy to answer all your questions or to send more pictures or give further information. As I study in Odense, I'm used to drive up there every day so I'll be happy to personally deliver it to your doorstep. Feel free to text me, I'm looking forward to answer. Yannick
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