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I dag 8.000,-
Mops dreng søger en ny madmor
d. 22.06 5.500,-
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d. 21.06 5.000,-
d. 20.06 6.000,-
d. 16.06 10.500,-
d. 16.06 13.000,-
Mops hvalpe
d. 15.06 6.500,-
Mops hvalpe.
d. 15.06 6.500,-
3 fawn han-hvalpe
d. 01.06 10.000,-
Smuk hvid mops tilbyder parring
d. 26.05 3.000,-
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d. 21.05 5.000,-
MOPS hvalpe SJÆLDNE FARVER 4 måneder
MOPS hvalpe SJÆLDNE FARVER 4 måneder, Mr. GREY JUNIOR and MR. Grey - PLATIN/Silver and DARK Platinum PUG MALEs, seldom colur puppies, 4 months, and for sale Pedigree EKC, Broad, strong and cheerful puppies, moving like a dansers and with a very fine chache Intelligent and playful - has a natural curiosity for new experiences, not afraid but respectful. Carrying gene for color chinchilla , platinum, anthracite , black, white, fawn , silver NOW FORE SALE INCLUDED QUALITY PACKAGE: DEWORMING (5 times/18 weeks) CHIP VACCINATION. (Full vaccination) + RABIES HEALTH BOOK VET PASSPORT EKC/AKC REGISTRATION FED GRAIN FREE – and you get food and a box with surprises and TOYS and CLOTH with scent of Home / mother / the other puppies, etc. THE PUPS DEVELOPMENT - in writing ENVIRONMENT; The puppies are nearly full housetrained - flatulence/urinating mostly out side ... Can be alone fore 6 hours without "accidents". They have met grown up dogs and an older puppy, Big and Small dogs, listned to different sounds, met children and adults, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer and other domestic noises and trained with TV - audio CD compared Thunder / shot / fireworks. The pups are fed with gain-free / abstracted top Beef-Chicken-Fish-Milk products-Oatmeal etc. and have allredy received their all their deworming treatments. Grew up in safe and peaceful surroundings under close scrutiny by several adults. They walk freely around the house with access to terrace and fenced garden. They have been playing in the sand and been on public playground, to the field, forest and beach . Inbreeding kvotient of 0% Mother – SOPHIA platin PUG Father – BRUTUS platin PUG Contact: Facebook Pug Collins
d. 18.05 15.000,-
Dejligste mops
d. 18.05 5.000,-
mops d. 12.05 Købes
Mops hvalpe
d. 08.05 Sælges

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I dag 4.500,-
Fransk Bulldog/Frengle
I går 8.000,-
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Mops-D/S gårdhund
I går 3.000,-
I går 8.000,-
I går 8.000,-
Mops til parring
d. 22.06 Andet
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d. 21.06 5.000,-
Små søde bamser
d. 21.06 5.000,-
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d. 18.06 Andet
blandings hund søges d. 18.06 1.000,-
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d. 17.06 2.500,-
Læder sele med rem
d. 17.06 35,-
Blå lærredssele og elastik halsbånd
d. 17.06 10,-
Mops tilbyder parring
d. 06.06 3.000,-
Buster softshell jakker
d. 31.05 100,-
Halsbånd og seler
d. 31.05 30,-