med alle kabler til 1. Capacity : 12000 MAh 2. Input : 5V, 1A 3. Output: 5V, 1A / 5V, 2.1A 4. Can charge 2 items at the same time 5. Charging controlled by micro-PC system 6. Output protect: power will be cut off and locked when short circuit 7. Input protect: power will be cut off when input voltage is over 9V 8.The product is suitable for almost all common mobile phones, Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia (new), MP4/3,GPS,millet, Meizu 8. Having two USB outports, you can charge two devices at the same time with this charger. 9. Strict testing process: strict testing of core of battery, input and output of protective plate, short circuit protection, battery aging and performance before finishing product storage and warehousing 10. High quality A-grade built-in battery ensures 80% capacity after 500 times cycles (while a lot of suppliers will offer B or C grade battery ) billede kommer snart

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