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Aastra Nexspan M760 E Systemtelefon

Kr. 400,-
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Large LCD display of 2 * 40 characters
20 programmable keys with LED indicators
5 interactive keys to access menu features
Alphabetic keyboard: for calling by name and sending messages, rapid call-by-name for improved efficiency
Full duplex hands-free speakerphone with signaling by LED indicator and amplified listening
Secret key with signaling by LED indicator
Message / ringing lamp
16 ring tones
Loudspeaker volume control
Handset volume control
LCD display contrast adjustment
Navigator ergonomics
Automatic headset detection
Speed redialing to voice message system via the "R" key
Incoming call log (last 50)
Redial call log (last 10)
Personal directory of 100 numbers ordered in four lists
Distinctive priority ringing
Thus, it is possible to have two extension modules of 20 direct-access programmable keys each, one of which can integrate a wireless DECT terminal charger.
The M760 is clearly the first-class terminal for corporate operator stations.
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