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Stöckli All Mountain/Off Piste ski

Kr. 900,-
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Stöckli Stormrider VXL, l.: 1.89, radius 24,6 m, mål front-midt-bag; 126-86-111. Sælges med Salomon STH WTR-binding.

Super All Mountain / Off Piste ski... Kører stærkt... godt dæmpet, dvs ligger roligt og gerne på kant. På hård sne, take it easy med hastigheden og der skal arbejdes noget for at komme ned i svingstørrelse... I blød sne i sit rette element, også nem i korte sving, såvel som den er nem i offpisten.
Super ski til god, høj/tung skiløber.

WOW!!! The VXL is the BEST All-Mountain / Do it All Ski I have ever ridden . The VXL has a beautifully Smooth yet Powerful Feel under-foot , this Ski will Blast through the soft broken snot we can get here in Oz , and let you fly through the Powder when it arrives , get up to Hotham if you don’t believe me! . When the conditions are more “normal” the VXL is ready and willing to hold a perfect edge on the Hardpack and reacts well to high energy FAST Skiing and is happy to accept an edge straight away when you land after an air off a roller or access trail , or well positioned lump or Kicker . Speed is no drama with these Skis , as the GPS read out mid 70 mph Freeskiing in the Resort , the Skis were unflappable !. With a Race Ski background for this reviewer , what sup prised me the most was how utterly useable these Skis were at ALL speeds , cruising with some friends who are on the climb up the Ski ability Ladder , and Ripping it with the ears pinned back ! . I also am fortunate enough to have a few other Stockli’s , with the Schmidt’s in particular an interesting comparison . The Schmidt’s ultimately have a higher performance envelope , But as other reviewers on this site have pointed out , they want A LOT of input from you , not dissimilar to my Stockli Super G’s . If you can only have 1 Ski , oh the Humanity! , get the VXL’s .... Stop wasting time , go and order them now
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