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    Hendrik Willem Van Loon
    Hendrik Willem Van Loon

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    Hendrik Willem Van Loon, The artist signs this typed letter "Hendrik Willem Van Loon" and includes an original drawing. 1p, 8½x11” Orange Envelope: 1p, 4,72x6” In full: Hotel Glarisegg. Steckborn. Switserland. I8 October xxvi. My dear Sir, for some curious reason your letter has crossed the ocean twice before it has reached me. I am here in this most peaceful of villa-ges writing a book and seeing something of my youngest son who is in the Landeserziehungsheim Glarisegg, a most cheerful and entertaining establishment which has done wonders for him after his years in stereotype and machine-made American schools. Now as foryour question I shall be only too happy if you will translate the Story of the Bible in Danish. Several of my books have been translated into Swedish but I would like to add another Scandinavian gounge to my collection of transpations. Only I would ask your permission to let me redraw some of the pitures for I do not entirely like the way they came out in the English and American editions. Futhermore I would be happier if you would keep such revenue as you may derive from the book for yourself. Translating is hard and slow work and I make enough as it is and besides I dont need an awful lot . Meanwhile allow me to give you one word of warning ; you had better find a publisher before you undertake to translate the book for otherwise you might discover that you had worked in vain. Now that your letter has reached me the rest of the correspondence ought not take so long and I hope to hear from you soon. My best wishes. Beneath his signature, the author and artist has drawn a sketch of the Hotel. Lightly creased. Vertical fold through the sketch. Overall, fine condition. Original stamped envelope, addressed by Van Loon to: "Herrn Niels Klostergaard. Haraldsted Privatschool. Ringsted. Dänemarken. Front Postmarked: STEC, 21.X. Back Postmarked: 23.10.26 Overall, fine condition. Worldwide shipping and insurance: $150
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