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High end pyrolyse  ovn

5.000 kr.

Sprit ny - stadig i indpakning Fremragende high end ovn i den nye farve sort Model: DOP7231A A+ Energy Class Capacity: 73L Cooking Functions: 9 Pyrolysis Function Color: Black/Inox Cook every dish to perfection with this built-in electric single oven from De Dietrich. This fantastic built in self-cleaning oven from De Dietrich boasts a 73L capacity and an A+ energy rating. It has a soft close door, 9 cooking functions, low temperature cooking , 6 shelf levels and 3 pyrolytic options.This stunning oven finished in black will look superb in any and every kitchen! HighLights Multifunction Plus: Among the many functions of the Multifunction Plus, two of them stand out: Combined heating and Hot air baking. The combined heating function has been designed for humid heat baking, suitable for making savory cakes, Quiché or pizza. The function of hot air is unique for preserving the fine structure of white meat, aroma and taste of dishes prepared in foil. It allows you to bake different dishes in three levels at once while maintaining the individual aroma of each. Baking guide: After selecting a pre-programmed recipe and entering the weight of the food, the oven will automatically determine the appropriate cooking mode as well as the ideal temperature and time needed for baking to the nearest minute. When it comes to helping with your culinary creations, you have a real expert at your disposal. Drying function: In this new ovens, De Dietrich brings a function that is almost indispensable today. The dehydration process allows you to dry a wide variety of foods, including aromatic herbs, fruits and vegetables, at a perfectly controlled temperature between 60 ° C and 80 ° C. By preventing the formation of bacteria, it allows products to be stored for several months and used whenever you want. Gentle drying can also preserve essential elements such as vitamins and minerals. Og meget meget mere! Vejl. Pris 8999,-

Flere detaljer

Højde (cm)
60 cm
Bredde (cm)
60 cm
73 Liter
Dybde (cm)
54 cm
Varens stand
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