PREVIEW - FILM ALBUM. Hollywood - London - 1963 INDHOLD: Audrey Hepburn Cliff Richard This name makes news: Richard Harris Leslie Caron Shirley MacLaine Russ Tamblyn Guy Williams France Nuyen, stjernen der laver sine egne kjoler Meet "Mr. Scowl" - Oliver Reed The fabulous Frank Sinatra Story - 8 sider incl. fanposter Hardy Kruger T-T and the Star System Firbenede stjerner Hatari Yves Montand Janet Leigh HJemme hos Maurice Chevalier The Kid from Cable Street - Terence Stamp Does anyone know the real Peter Sellers? Star Partners The nice tough Guy - Robert Ryan Odd shots Too rough to be a Star - James Boots Natalie Wood Rita Moreno Ron andell Laurence Harvey Who are our international Stars? - Sir Alec Guiness, Sir Laurence Olivier, Standley Baker, Dirk Bogarde, Diana Dors, Jack Hawkins, Deborah Kerr, Trevor Howard, Richard Harris, Laurence Harvey, Audrey Hepburn, James, Mason, Hayley Mills, Vivien Leigh, Jean Simmons, Terry Thomas, Frankie Vaughan, Peter Ustinov, Richard Todd, David Niven, Peter Sellers, The unique Elvis Presley Facts and figures about Elvis Elvis Presley - 10 sider incl. fan-poster Joyce Taylor Jeffrey Hunter Nobu McCarthy Tinker, Tailor, Soldier...star - Edward Judd Do you agree with Yul Brynner? Preview's gallery of Beaty Rosalind Russell Doffs the Glad Rags James Mason and Rosenda Monteros Cleopatra - Elizabeth Taylor GAllery of Male Appeal - GEorge Chakiris, Fabian, Paul Newman, Duane Eddy, George Peppard, Jeremy Spencer, Pat Boone, James Darren, Barry Coe, Robert Wagner, John Wayne..... John Mills Carole Gray Faces to look for - Albert Finney, Rita Tushingham, Susannah York, Alan Bates, Tom Bell, June Ritchie, Maurice Chevalier and Hayley Mills Are comediand funny off-screen? Peter Ustinov - Family Man? Richard Burton Warren Beatty Elke gets around On Camel-back to Fame - Peter O´Toole

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