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Pioneer F551L tuner med mange forvalg

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The Pioneer F-551 is a small, black, synthesized AM/FM tuner. It has 24 presets in two groups of 12, three-speed manual/automatic tuning, and a novel adaptive RF-alignment system. The rear panel has thumbscrew antenna terminals, wired remote control jacks, and a switch for 9-50/10-100 kHz AM-FM channel steps. Pressing a button momentarily displays signal strength as a single digit. AM covers the extended band to 1700 kHz. Inside I found what at first appeared to be a basic tuner circuit, with two RF tuned circuits in the signal path, two IF filters (280 and 180 kHz), and a single-tuned quadrature detector. The tuner uses a 2SK241 RF amp, HA11225 IF amp/detector, AN7470 stereo decoder, LA1247 AM chip, LC7217 PLL, and M5223 varactor driver op-amp. There is no pilot cancellation or supersonic filtering.

"I wondered what the CCTS function did. Enabling it and poking around with a scope, I discovered that the tuner scans the RF-amplifier varactor voltage over a small range whenever the tuned frequency changes. It then uses the voltage that yielded maximum signal. I intentionally misaligned the front end and found that CCTS very effectively restored proper tuning. After I carefully reset the alignment, I was impressed that CCTS was able to slightly improve it. In addition to correcting a sloppy factory alignment, CCTS can compensate for temperature variation or component aging. CCTS is fun to watch as it displays signal strength before and after adjustment. It takes a second or two to operate, so you can disable it when you want to tune across the band more rapidly. You can also leave it off if you don't tune weak signals.

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