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Denon DP15F pladespiller i flot stand

Kr. 995,-
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Monteret med Ortofon pick up
Computer controlleret arm med separat motor.
Quartz Locked 33 og 45 rpm.
45 Adapter medfølger.
The Denon DP-15F is a direct drive turntable with the following features:
Microprocessor controlled, contact-less servo tonearm - this unique system ensures safe, easy to use automatic operation with no deterioration in sound quality.
Dynamic servo tracer - low frequency resonance caused by cartridge compliance and effective tonearm mass is electronically damped both horizontally and vertically to effectively suppress crosstalk and intermodulation distortion.
Low mass straight tonearm - having an outstanding tracing ability, this arm maximises the performance of the high compliance cartridge to the full extent.
Denon quartz - the ultimate in rotational accuracy is realised by the combination of a magnetic pulse detector and a quartz lock.
Newly developed cartridge - the low mass OMP with an elliptically shaped stylus minimises tracing distortion and contributes to the clarity of the reproduced sound.
Drive system: servo controlled direct drive
Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm
Wow and flutter: below 0.018% WRMS
Signal to noise ratio: over 78dB
Platter: aluminium diecast 300mm diameter
Motor: linear drive motor
Speed control system: servo by frequency detection, phase servo control
Speed deviation: below 0.01%
Tonearm: dynamically balanced semi-integrated straight arm
Effective length: 220mm
Overhang: 16mm
Automatic mechanism: electronically controlled fully automatic
Tracking force range: 0-3.0g
Cartridge weight range: 4.0-6.0g
Cartridge: Ortofon
Stylus: OMP
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