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    HI-LEVEL PM-4000
    I dag 3.200,-
    Bytte m OK elcykel Andet seriøst
    I dag 500,-
    Mixerpult, Behringer Eurodesk SX4882 features Ultra-low noise, high-headroom analog mixer for studio, live, front-of-house, monitor, corporate, and touring audio applications True in-line concept with 24 independent Mix-B input channels, all with individual 2-band EQ, Level, Pan, and Mute 24 state-of-the-art XENYX mic preamps with switchable +48 V phantom power Neo-classic "British" 4-band EQs with 2 semi-parametric mid bands for warm and musical sound 8 subgroups with independent Solo and routing functions simultaneously feed 16 multitrack outputs Clip and -20 dB LEDs plus EQ In, Low Cut, Mute, Solo/PFL, Subgroup, and Main routing switches on all channels 6 Aux sends per channel: all switchable pre/post fader Main Aux sends with Level controls and Solo functions 6 multifunctional stereo Aux returns featuring Level and Balance controls, Solo and extensive routing functions Solo-In-Place with PFL function plus 2 independent phones sections plus full-featured monitor and talkback section with built-in microphone Comprehensive Channel, Group, and Main insert points Built-in meterbridge with meters for each channel, Subgroup and Main, monitoring either the channel or Tape return signal Long-wearing 100-mm logarithmic-taper faders and sealed rotary controls Expander port with universal jack connectors for optimal linking to other consoles 2 BNC connectors for 12V gooseneck lights Internal autorange power supply for maximum flexibility (100-240 V), noise-free audio, superior transient response plus low power consumption for energy saving Måske en Mixer til det lille Studie eller Bandet
    I går 3.000,-
    d. 27.02 500,-
    Fin nybegynder disco mixer
    d. 27.02 250,-
    Mixerpult - Hama Video Cut 204
    d. 26.02 550,-
    mixer gemini
    d. 20.02 800,-
    d. 20.02 2.200,-
    ALTO Typhoon  4800
    d. 19.02 12.000,-
    6 Kanals Mixer
    d. 14.02 600,-
    Native Instruments Traktor S5
    d. 14.02 5.200,-
    DiskoMixer, Imq / StageLine
    d. 12.02 995,-
    Fejler ikke noget
    d. 11.02 500,-
    Yamaha MC1603
    d. 08.02 1.234,-
    Aktiv Mixer incl højtalere
    d. 08.02 3.900,-
    Sony Mixerpult
    d. 07.02 400,-
    Mackie mixer
    d. 05.02 900,-
    d. 05.02 2.400,-
    Tascam M-312
    d. 02.02 4.600,-
    numark dd8000 digital sampling processor
    d. 30.01 900,-
    Reloop Digital Jockey 2 IE
    d. 29.01 800,-
    Nymark mixtrack Pro 2
    d. 29.01 950,-
    d. 29.01 1.000,-
    Pioneer Cdj 400
    d. 28.01 6.000,-
    JVC SEA-70 Equalizer
    d. 25.01 1.500,-
    d. 23.01 4.500,-
    Harddiskoptager med otte spor til studie
    d. 22.01 1.000,-
    d. 21.01 1.200,-
    Monarch MMX-88 Audio Mixer
    d. 20.01 250,-
    ny pro mixer
    d. 17.01 1.000,-
    Presonus AudioBox 1818VSL
    d. 12.01 2.200,-
    Mixer Behringer DJX 750
    d. 11.01 1.000,-
    Behringer PMH1000 Powered Mixer
    d. 10.01 2.500,-
    Promixer til dj
    d. 09.01 250,-
    NUMARK Mixtrack 2-Channel
    d. 08.01 600,-
    DB cd afspiller
    d. 27.08 1.200,-