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Jamo sub/JBL, Aalborg

Kr. 1.300,-
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Jamo subwoofer + JBL Control One, Aalborg

Aalborg (Tæt på Sygehus Syd).
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1.300 kr. + porto (49 kr. GLS).

-Jamo A 101 SUB. Aktiv sub. 2 x 8" bass. 200 W forstærker.
-JBL Control One højtalere. 150 W 4 Ohm.

Sub kan stå på gulvet eller langs væggen.

"If you thought that being on a sub-£500 budget for your speakers meant you had to greatly compromise on sound quality then think again.

The Jamo A 101 HCS 5 is proof that you can get exciting, dynamic and detailed sound without having to clutter up your room with massive floorstanders and van-sized subs – the only compact system we’ve heard in this price class that comes close is the Tannoy HTS-101.

Not only has it impressed us with its price and performance, but it also comes with an innovative, space-saving sub, plus those dinky, wall-mountable satellites are sure to go down well with those who like their speakers to be heard but not seen. "
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