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Beoplay S8 Demo

14995 DKK
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BeoPlay S8 is a compact 2.1 stereo speaker system that can be easily connected to different audio sources. It consists of extremely compact satellite speakers and a powerful subwoofer in a configuration that opens many placement options.The product is only available in black. The subwoofer is also kept in black as the two satellite speakers from pearl-blasted, black anodized aluminium, which are moreover provided with black textile coverings. Dimensions Satellites: 15.8cm x 6.0cm x 15.8cm Subwoofer: 29.3cm x 51.1cm Weight Satellites: 0.8 kg each Subwoofer: 10.5 kg Driver units Satellites: 2.5-inch treble/midrange Subwoofer: 8-inch bass driver Colours True black Cabinate Principle Satellite Speaker: Closed box Subwoofer: Ported Connectivity Connect to an audio source via volume regulated audio output using RCA (phono) plugs or 3.5mm jack or to BeoPlay V1 or any Bang & Olufsen Television using powerlink cable. Amplifiers Satellite Speaker: Dedicated 140 watts each class D, placed in the subwoofer Subwoofer: Dedicated 280 watts class D