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BeoSound Moment Demo

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BeoSound Essence is a simple, elegant one-touch music system. An entirely new way to enjoy iconic Bang & Olufsen sound, at your fingertip. Most of the digital music we access through cloud-based music services or store on our phones and tablets stays there. Often we are too busy to find it, or to deal with the added complication of connecting it to our music system. Which means we rarely enjoy our music the way we should. BeoSound Essence changes the game. An iconic, one- touch music system that puts the music you love at your fingertips. Unleashing great sound is now as easy as flicking a light switch. Simply connect BeoSound Essence to any Bang & Olufsen active loudspeakers and start playing the music where you left off last time with just one touch. You can also adjust the volume, and change the track or radio channel you are listening to. SIZE AND WEIGHT   Interface 0.5 kg Base 1.9 kg Display 1280 x 800 ? 7 inch IPS POWER CONSUMPTION AND OPERATING CONDITIONS   Typical: 14 W, Standby: 0.4 W. Temperature 10-40° C - Humidity 20-80% REMOTE CONTROL OPTIONS   BeoSound Essence Remote BeoRemote One Beo4 BeoMusic App BATTERY   Li-Polymer Capacity 3500 mAh. Standby capacity 76 hours. Charging time 5 hours. WIRELESS CONNECTION   WiSA technology integrated ? full 24 bit uncompressed wireless audio streaming up to 8 channels WiFi ? 2,4ghz 802.11 g/b Bluetooth (A2DP) for streaming music from your mobile CONNECTIONS   2 x Power Link (RJ45) 1 x Ethernet 1 x Power 1 x Line-in (RCA) 1 x USB for service purposes only AUDIO FORMATS   MP3 (all) or VBR / CBR 32 ? 320kbit WMA, both VBR and CBR 20 ? 320kbit (No support for WMA Lossless) AAC (ISO and ADTS) ? 320kbit ALAC general + 88.2, 96 kHz PCM (WAV) general + 88.2, 96 kHz FLAC, 8-96 kHz, 16 or 24 bits, 2 channels MATERIALS   Glass, aluminium, rubber, plastic and wood.