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HOT WHEELS Apptivity Drift King BIL

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Spil på din iPad: Hot Wheels Apptivity Drift King Vehicle 100% som ny, brugt kun 1 gang. Sælges p.g.a. manglende interesse. Race a real-life, 1:64 scale Hot Wheels car on your iPad Active Touch anti-scratch technology protects iPad screen surfaces Use the free Hot Wheels APPtivity app (from the iTunes store) and you're ready to race 3 included games - search and blast, long jump, and race circuit Apptivity is a brand new idea from Mattel that allows kids to play with their favourite toys on the iPad. The idea is simple, first purchase a compatible Apptivity toy (in our case a small blue car) then download the free app. When the car is placed onto the iPad screen it interacts with the app using patented conductive technology. Simply put, you swivel the car on the screen to drive along the track.

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