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Nørrevang 15+19

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Large warehouses located next to Albanivej on the line between Nr. Lyndelse and Odense. The property is located approx. 6 km from the motorway exit 51 (E45) and 4 km from the new Svendborgmotorvej. The location is in rural surroundings, with good infrastructure for both Odense and the motorway. Norrevang 15: The lease's 2,857 m² warehouse space is divided into 3 fire cells on each approx. 950 m². Access to the warehouse takes place via 5 hoisting ports in level with the outdoor areas. The area in front of the gates is covered and there is therefore the possibility of dry outdoor storage, if needed. The storage rooms are all with a clearance between the bars of approx. 6 m (about 5,4 m at the barrier). A smaller part of one warehouse is lowered to the rest of the warehouse, and there is free access to the administrative section. The administration section of a total of 641 m² now features office sections that can accommodate 8-10 people, as well as large showroom that can easily be used for office purposes. Underrevang 19: The lease's 2,876 m² warehouse room has 4 level differences, each of which is approx. 719 m². Access to the warehouse is via 4 ports in level with the outdoor areas and access can also be done via the administration section. The building has a covered ramp area of approx. 240 m² with 4 doors to storage and 6 reading ramps. There is therefore the possibility of dry outdoor storage, if needed. The warehouse has storage facilities and direct access to restrooms. The administration unit is in total 592 m², which can be used for both office and showroom or a combination of these. In that part of the lease there are logs that can be used for archives or similar. Lejemålets energimærke er angivet til: C
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Type Lager Areal (m²) 5466 m²