Billede 1 - 4 books in the series: Famous Livesc
Billede 2 - 4 books in the series: Famous Livesc
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4 books in the series: Famous Livesc

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4 books in the series: Famous Lives. / 4 bøger i serien: Famous Lives. (Bill Gates, Diana, Muhammad Ali and Neil Armstrong) Publisher Wayland / Forlaget Wayland (1998-2002) Language: English. 1) Bill Gates - Computer Legend ; Sara Barton-Wood: This text takes a look at the life of Bill Gates, a computer-mad teenager turned tough businessman. The book interweaves Bill's home life together with information on his public persona as a computer giant. It also explores the changing computer technology from the 1960s through to the modern day. ISBN: 07-5023-883-6 / 9780750238830 2) Diana - The People's Princess ; Richard Wood A biography of Diana Princess of Wales focusing on her charity work and her own personal struggles. Readership level: 7 - 11 years. ISBN: 07-5022-294-8 7 / 9780750222945 3) Muhammad Ali - The Greatest ; Jason Hook This is a biography of Mohammed Ali's life through a combination of simple text, photographs, captions and quotation panels. ISBN: 07-5023-280-3 / 9780750232807 4) Neil Armstrong - The First Man on the Moon ; Mike Goldsmith, This book looks at the life of Neil Armstrong, whose childhood fascination with flying would eventually lead him on an extraordinary trip to the moon. Readers will learn about the technology available at that time, the training Apollo 11 astronauls Neil, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins underwent, and the events of the 1969 voyage to the moon. A beautifully-presented book on this truly remarkable event. Containing quotation panels, including letters and diary extracts. Also includes a date chart, glossary and index. ISBN: 07-5023-885-2 / 9780750238854 The covers have traces of use / Omslaget har brugsspor Samlet vægt: 871 gram

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