Fx 5000, Odense

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    Beskrivelse Postnummer Opdateret Pris (kr.) Favorit
    Dinky/Corgi lot
    I dag 105,-
    Tekno biler
    I dag 600,-
    Renault F1 Showcar 1:18
    I dag 400,-
    Ferrari Brazil 2007 1:18
    I dag 650,-
    1989 Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16V - 1:1
    I dag 450,-
    Retro bil
    I dag 10,-
    Brandbil - meget gammel - træ
    I dag 800,-
    Lego Technic 8868
    Lego Technic 8868, Sjældent og super Lego byggesæt med alt teknisk du kan ønske dig, og i alt 952 dele. Står færdigbygget. Original æske, samlevejledning m.m. medfølger. Her tekst fra Techniopedia: Here it is folks, the king, the godfather, the most complex pneumatic set of all time (with the possible exception of 8455). Released in 1992, set 8868 has the first and only motorized pneumatic compressor, four full size dual-acting unbalanced pneumatic actuators, and one of the new mini actuators. Just in case anyone thought this was not enough, there are also dual rear differentials, a V-6 reciprocating engine, and rack and pinion steering. If you don't have this set, you need to mortage your house, ransom your pets, or sell your liver. Do whatever it takes to get this model. You will not regret it. This set is unique and special in so many ways. It was the first big dual axle truck. It was the first (and only) set with a compressor. It was the first pneumatic set of any kind since 1989. It was the first (and only) to include BOTH an electric motor and pneumatics. And this is no simple build. With over 900 parts, it was the biggest set to date, even bigger than the 8865 super car. And with all that complexity, it still only has 32 steps in the instructions, which are wafer thin. With the detailed construction and huge numbers of pneumatic hoses to route, this thing takes some time to get right. But it is surely satisfying when you do. The chassis of this truck is extremely rigid due to the fact that it is constructed from multiple layers of beams running both horizontally and vertically. Because the beams are relatively far apart, the second moment of inertia of the frame is quite high. So even with the long wheelbase, this model does not sag at the middle.
    I dag 795,-
    Bmw Iseta
    I dag 400,-
    2 Gamle Tekno: Garage/Benzinstander
    I dag 700,-
    2 x Tekno Denmark
    I dag 900,-
    2 x Rolls Royce
    I dag 250,-
    Corgi Collectors
    I dag 200,-
    4 x Corgi model-Biler
    I dag 175,-
    2 x Tekno Denmark Pr. Stk!
    I dag 400,-
    Dinky" Chevrolet Impala
    I dag 500,-
    Husky og Dinky modelbiler m.m.
    I dag 175,-
    5 x Modelbiler
    I dag 150,-
    3 x Vanguards Pr. Stk.
    I dag 200,-
    Ny 3-Pak Liedo
    I dag 175,-
    Alfa Romeo"+ "Cadilac"
    I dag 100,-
    Tekno / Kirk Øl-Bil
    I dag 700,-
    3 x Tekno Denmark
    I dag 700,-
    Traktor, blik, gl. med optræk
    I dag 650,-
    7 Modelbiler
    I dag 100,-
    2 x vw Volksvagen
    I dag 150,-
    Editions-Atlas" Busser Pr. stk!
    I dag 175,-
    8 stk. reklame-biler
    I dag 175,-
    Gl. helicopter til batteri
    I dag 275,-
    Sort Ford Coupe 1934
    I dag 150,-
    Universal Hobbies Babiole UH6024 1:43
    I dag 75,-
    Nyere modelbiler af metal sælges
    I dag 125,-
    Mercedes C111
    I dag 1,-
    I dag 200,-
    Shell Classico Samling
    I dag 1.200,-
    benzin klistermærker købes I dag Købes
    I dag Sælges
    1963 Chevrolet Corvette FI Split Window.
    I dag 145,-
    Wsi Jacob Pedersen lundby
    I dag 3.800,-
    Silver-Cars Bugatti Coupé Atlantic
    I går 50,-
    Plakater A4 str af veteranbiler - Chevro
    I går 150,-
    Sun Star Golf Gti
    I går 500,-
    Mira" Ford
    I går 500,-
    Ny Tusker
    I går 500,-
    Siku biler
    I dag 348,-
    tekno ingeniør
    I dag 200,-
    I går 1.234,-
    Maisto, Wellys Majorette o.a. metalbiler
    I går 10,-
    Gorgi metalbiler
    I går 10,-
    Tekno bil Denmark
    I går 200,-
    Tekno falck station
    I går 200,-
    Tekno omskifter med sin original æsker
    I går 100,-
    I går 123.456,-
    Joal Scania/DAF Pr. stk.!
    I går 500,-
    kran- og vejhjælps biler
    I går 50,-
    I går 50,-
    I går 50,-
    I går 50,-
    scale 1/38 1/43
    I går 35,-
    modelbiler i æsker
    I går 125,-